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As a personal trainer, fitness is my life, my livelihood and what I love. But, with that being said, I am not immune from feeling the occasional burn out on the fitness front. Here is my arsenal for staying interested and keeping that love for fitness alive and well…

Variety is the Spice of Life (and Fitness)

A huge cause of burn out is boredom. Sure we have the same classes and routines we love, but do these for too many days in a row and boredom may start to creep its' way in, in turn leaving you less than excited for your sweat sesh. Solution: Mix up your workouts.

I recently had been doing a lot of hot yoga and it started to feel like somewhat of a chore on some days. I decreased the days in the yoga studio and swapped in a spin class each week. I have also had this happen with running, switch up your running route, swap in a barre class or a tabata class and mix it up. Another benefit of varying your workouts is that the risk for overuse injuries will decrease.

Have a Buddy System

When possible plan to work out with a friend. Plan for coffee or a smoothie afterwards, or drinks and a meal. Sweating with a friend is a sure fire way to help keep workout burn out at bay. Not only are you adding in an accountability factor but you and your friend provide encouragement to one another. Healthy competitive drive may add an extra layer of motivation and drive to the mix.

Get Excited About Your Workout Gear

I don’t know about you, but I get super pumped about fun workout clothing. Wear what you like. Love bright colors? Then, rock those wild patterns and bold colors. Love mesh and faux leather? Go for it! There are endless options of stylish performance wear that will instantly get you eager to sweat as soon as you put it on.

Music is Master

Music is key and should get you fired up throughout your workout. Build a play list that revvs you up and makes you bop your head and maybe even mouth some lyrics out loud to. Many spin classes boast sick beats with fun club-like lighting that help to get any sweat sesh party started. There are even hip hop yoga classes out there. I’m always preferential to 90s R&B :)

Fuel Properly

Keep your energy levels up by fueling your body properly - make sure you are eating nutrient-rich foods and hydrating. If your body feels lethargic due to poor nutrition, then you will not be getting the most out of your fitness and may become burnt out due to feeling tired rather than energized from your workouts. As a vegetarian, I have a slew of vitamins and supplements I take along with my diet. If concerned about your energy levels being low, schedule an appointment with your doctor and have a full blood panel done. This can detect any nutritional deficiencies or underlying pathology.

Take Rest When You Need It

I sometimes have a hard time with this one, but I’ve found that if I begin to feel a bit burnt out, I take a couple of days off and recharge. At times, our bodies get to the point where they are plain ole' exhausted - the combo of physical exhaustion, sleep depravation, stressors from work, family, school, relationships, etc., can all add up and lead to us feeling fatigued and drained. Sometimes, a workout is a cure-all to this, but other times, if you really are too exhausted, pushing yourself through a workout can be counter productive. Listen to your body. I definitely need to work on this one myself, because I have a tendency to have a difficult time simply resting and am always in go-go-go mode, even when I do get the opportunity to rest. This is a work in progress for me.

Bottom line: keep sweating away, utilize these techniques to help keep burn out away, and listen to your body. Love and appreciate it for what it does for you and for what YOU do for it. Be proud of yourself and your efforts to keep and stay healthy. #thesweatlife

 – Jen Dehestani, a certified Personal Trainer and Co-founder of JFit 360.