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What was your new year's resolution last year and did you accomplish it? What would you change for this upcoming year?

For the last 2 years my New Years Resolution has been to take a yoga class 1x per week, and both times I have been unsuccessful! I’ve been testing out different yoga studios and instructors, trying to find a class that I LOVE and can’t wait to get back to, but so far nothing has sucked me in. I am so busy and value my precious workout time so much that if I am going to take a class it must give me exactly what I’m looking for, otherwise I become frustrated that I wasted my time. The perfect yoga class for me would be a slow flow, with lots of intense stretching. I appreciate an instructor who is super knowledgeable and puts time into designing a class that flows and makes sense. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

Tips for staying healthy over the holidays/overcoming obstacles/what's your guilty pleasure over the holidays?

My plan for myself as well as my clients over the holidays in order to stay on track with out fitness goals and keep out clothes fitting comfortably is to make sure to prioritize and schedule high intensity calorie burning workouts the day of any celebrations or parties. This way we can at least not feel guilty about our indulgences and we can actually enjoy ourselves without any added stress.
It is important to schedule/ book your workouts in advance so that you are committed to them in advance before anything can interfere! Convincing friends or family to exercise with you always makes it more fun. If you are traveling, you can also scope out fun boot camps etc. in the area ahead of time, that way you have a plan on attack before you arrive!

When it comes to food I always recommend sticking to a clean low carb diet as best you can throughout the holidays. Try to keep portions small when you want to indulge, and limit yourself to the things that you really love most if are about to go off your diet. A GKF smoothie is a great way to start each day and at least start each day on the right foot. My clients claim that having their smoothie in the morning helps them to stay on track with making smarter throughout the day!

Never go to an event or party on an empty stomach (have a small healthy snack before you go) and make sure to drink lots of water to stay full and avoid hangovers! At parties clear drinks like vodka soda are your best call, and try to stick to foods like green veggies and proteins without any added sauces, to fill up on. If you can eat dairy, most hard cheeses are also a great option if you are following a low carb diet! Try to avoid sweets and breads if you can. Focus on the company and conversation at events not the food!

My guilty please is always wine! I will indulge in plenty over the holidays, but Ill also work my ass off in the gym ☺

For the Thanksgiving Holiday I don’t have to travel far so I am running a 45 min Bootcamp/ 45 Spin Turkey Burn Class at BSC in West Newton the day before Thanksgiving at 4:30 pm. I am also teaching a double at Barry’s Bootcamp in Chestnut Hill on Thanksgiving morning at 7:30/8:30.

I will also be running a 12 day online abs program pre-Christmas called “The 12 Days of Absmas” to keep people on track through December. E-mail for info!

What is your favorite part of the holidays?

My favorite part of the Holidays is the contagious energy and excitement that is present everywhere. Everyone seems to be happier and friendlier this time of year. I love channeling this energy in the classes that I teach. For holidays I always host special classes and I make them special by adding decorations, some festive music, and some programming that I don’t normally use, to make it unique. I enjoy going through the extra planning and preparation, and it really brings a whole new level of energy to class.

Who motivates you?

My boyfriend, Jared, co-owner of Flight Performance and Fitness in Newton, MA motivates me! Out of all the other people in the fitness industry that I have encountered, I can honestly say that I’ve never met another trainer that actually cares about their clients and giving them the results they want more than he does. So many “fitness professionals” are in the industry for the wrong reasons, and seem to care more about taking the perfect selfie for Instagram, than they do about helping people become healthier and more it. Jared reminds me on a daily basis why I love my job so much…. even when we are getting up at 4 am to go work!

What do you want for Christmas?

I’m just excited to spend time with friends and family over the Holidays. I can’t wait for time off spent by a fireplace drinking wine and hanging out with good people.
I also over the holidays I treat myself to a couple days off so, I can sleep in and get my workouts in without rushing!

In terms of gifts I always love anything hair/ skin/ nails/ makeup/ high maintenance girl stuff! My normal day is a complete up disaster when it comes to being put together so I tend to indulge in regular blowouts, nails, eyelashes you name it, when I can. My girl Lyndsay Simon Beauty will even come to my house for blow dries and make up, which saves so much time! Active wear, preferable a PE Nation outfit from Legit is also on my list.

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